Monday, December 24, 2018

Happy Anniversary. by David M. Taylor

I once went to a wedding
where the bride married a man
who looked like Michael Bolton.

During the reception I grew drunk
and tired of their dancing bodies,
how their platitudes laid prone
in the half-empty banquet room.

I stole two bottles of wine
and snuck into the reception upstairs,
where people laughed
and the bride’s uncle spoke about marriage.

He said time forces itself
on the body and mind,
that those we love grow old and die,
but our job is to love them in the meantime.

I held his words in my pocket
before paying a dollar for a dance.

I haven’t thought about them in years
and wonder if they still hold his advice
like I hold on you,
before time eats away at our youth.

David M. Taylor teaches at a community college in St. Louis, MO. His work has appeared in various magazines such as Albany Poets, Misfit Magazine, Rat's Ass Review, and Trailer Park Quarterly. He was also a finalist for the 2017 Annie Menebroker Poetry Award and has four poetry chapbooks, the most recent of which is Growing up Black.

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