We are looking for all things barroom .
Life's view from no matter if the glass is half full or half empty .
We are pro drinking and there are no restrictions .

We are not a paying publication .
For poetry send us up to four poems at a time , Fiction limit it to two writes previously published work is fine but we do prefer new work .

Our response time is quick and if we reject something don't take it personally cause if we just let everyone through the door the place would be packed .
Please include a short bio with authors picture .

We accept  word doc and honestly I prefer it
Hey the smoother it runs for me the faster I can get your work published .

It doesn't matter if you are established or this is your first time submitting I will treat everyone the same if it connects it's good enough for me .

Please send all submissions to

Sincerely Editor in chief.

John Patrick Robbins


  1. I'm ready to get dirty & viscous...someone recommended your site...I got writes that cut like knives...

  2. I've just begun writing a series of short stories, one of which might fit the "bar room bill". In my view, you can't write about bar room tough stuff without speaking to the attendant, universal effects of alcohol consumption. Any interest?

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  4. Thank you for accepting my poem, Back Porch Evening! I've had many stiff ones looking at the night sky

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  6. Do you take creative non-fiction?


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