Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Free Love In A Competitive Market. by Mick Corrigan

I know you know how much I love you
but do you know how much I like you,
I like you more than moonlight,
more than oranges in winter,
more than brightly painted boats.

I know you know that I’m not getting any younger
but do you know how quickly I’m not getting any younger,
quicker than a peck on the cheek,
quicker than a pat on the arse,
quicker than knowing that broken is beauty too.

I know you know so much more than me
but do you know how much more than me you know,
you know more than birds know about flight,
more than children know about their parents,
more than I’ll ever know about the giving of love.

Mick Corrigans’ debut collection, “Deep Fried Unicorn”, was released in to the wild in early 2015 by Rebel Poetry, Ireland. His poem “Snowbound” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2018 by San Pedro Review, USA, his poem “If Harry Clarke made a stained-glass window for the Magdalene Women” has been nominated for a Forward Poetry Prize 2018 by Poetry Bus 7, Ireland. He spends his time as though he has an endless supply of it, between Ireland and the island of Crete. He plans to do wild and reckless things with his hair before it’s too late.


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