Sunday, May 27, 2018

Love Is Shorter Than My Dick. By Scott Simmons

I wish life was a just trading card game.
Cuz I wanna get rid of my mint condition virginity card.

It’s from a ultra limited single run production line.

I’d swap it for your syphilis and herpes for sure.
Hell I’ll throw in about 150 bucks too.

I will clean your house and I’ll be your maid.
Fuck I’ll be anyone that you want me to be.

I’ll get in the cage and put on the ball gag.
Maybe I’ll even wear that cute mini skirt in the corner.
Or I can even literally kiss your asshole.

I’ll be honest I have virtually no dignity.
And I also hold extremely low standards.
So why don’t you please just give me a good fuck?

 Scott Simmons is an aspiring poet and humorist from Texas who is also the editor of The Dope Fiend Daily. He is quite possibly insane and some of his works can be seen on Duane's Poetree and Horror Sleaze trash. His"artwork" can also be found at

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