Friday, May 25, 2018

Lust in your Eyes~ by Lily Mae

It felt like a sin...this thing between you and I
as soon as you took your hand to the back of my neck
weaving my hair between your fingers squeezing tight forcing my face towards yours

You watch...
 as my body moves over yours and that sweet thick head of yours got lost deep inside of me
Two pulses moving together...raging like two fires seeking for the highest release

Our breaths ceased as the motion melded  us into one being
Sweat escaped us as our hunger forced us to scream for absolution
none was ever

And I’d do it again and again just to see that love turned into lust in your eyes~

                                Lily Mae 

Is a northern Michigan poet and writer who's work can be read at Hello Poetry, Writers CafĂ©  and also at Facebook under Lily Mae Poetry .

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