Tuesday, June 5, 2018

DOGS BREAKFAST by Vincent Zepp

inaugural goose flesh
and the boats at sea

we were taught
to lay our desks down
like bikers
about to crash
trying to protect our selves
the monstrance that would precede us in the procession of ash

sastruga strewn among the plutonium penumbras of st marys german in mckeesport with a half life of 24,000 years

so who among us could bother with what
the basilect calls terrorism
which is only fear of death
fuck em
and their sock and buskin

egyptian legal agreements from the 23rd dynasty (749-21 BC) that frequently included the phrase,

If you do not obey this decree may a donkey copulate with you

to divagate
and interdigitate
along the costa brava
giving up wrestling with the miasma
along with our clothes

and jimi is singing a merman I should turn to be

orwell reminds us that
the proles and animals are free

the old buddhists say
its all bullshit

arnica and a pen in the dark

i’m sleepy
its time for the devil wears nada

Arriving at the time in history (including literary history) when I did. I was blessed to have such a rich tradition of poetry, art, music, and culture available to me.  This continues to allow my poetry to flourish in a rich loam of influences.  The work I believe is representative of the best thoughts and intuitions of my generation of writers whose challenge is to move forward with the gifts given to us from previous generation of artists. From Ferlinghetti who opened my eyes to Pound and Eliot through the various significant literary and art movements of the 20th century.  Then there was the haiku master Basho who showed us frogs leaping into the pond of our mind. John Berryman said our poetry should be something no one else could do.  I've tried to focus on that idea.

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