Monday, July 23, 2018

Dying For Last Call. by Opalina Salas

Dying for last call
Arm over your shoulder
Head down
Cigarette lit

The dim bulb light
Housefly buzz
Ceramic sink rust
Water drip

Thick thighs
Torn nylons
Ass down
And out

Dying for a wakeup call
Bitter words
For dried up coffee grounds
Tumbled ash trays

This movie review
Of life
Skips and jumps
Bumps until its skittering end.

It’s Jarmusch
Pasolini, Kurosawa
Jodorowsky and Goddard
Dying for a blank wall
To throw shade on.

It’s a dusty guitar
Sitting in a corner
Unswept rug
rusty mail slot door

Dying for a cold night
Ice crack skull
Your hand into fist
Pressing me down

Dying for last call

Opalina Salas/poet/Oak Cliff/ Editor Let It Bleed/co-creator of Poets on X+ /curator/hostess/WordSpace/The Mad Swirl, /The Texas Beat Poetry Festival 2012/Forest Fest in Lamesa TX in 2011/New Orleans Poetry Fest of 2016/ Cohost Attack of the Poets2016/2017/DFW/ 20 years w/comrade, partner and fellow poet, Carlos Salas/endurance/in pursuit of /one perfect poem.

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