Monday, July 16, 2018

"Look what" (after KdK) by Rob Schackne

Look what
I remember
the how many
meals we ate
that preceded
a film a talk
a book or sex
if a dab of paint
offends reality 
then so what
the fifth spice
is bitterness
a sweet taste
where we are
moon tonight
waning gibbous
and Scorpius
abed and about
a skin of space

Born in the US, I came to Australia in the early 70s. I worked on stations, in factories, and in mines. I was lucky that between bouts of this hard work I went to several universities and I could learn what I wanted. I've recently returned from Shanghai where I spent 15 years as a Foreign Expert English language teacher. I now live in country Victoria where I enjoy the blue sky and the fresh air and the birds. I take photographs.

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