Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Never Turn Down A Glass Of Sweet Tea --For Jason Baldinger. by Jeanette Powers

not everyone can weigh the difference
between cheesecake with strawberry or chocolate
in a single heartbeat and just go with one
or the other

very few people will just walk into nowhere
and not really care whether or not they get where
they are going because part of them already believes
they are exactly where they should be

many people lost their fathers to embarrassing deaths
and go on to live and tell the tale over cheap beers
in backwater pool halls where the bartender
wears a face of knowing loss

only you shared a glass of sweet tea with me
fried okra and calamity pressing at future windows
where we promised that if only we could figure it all out
we’d share that with each other, too

Jeanette Powers is a working class non-binary artist and poet living in the deep country of Missouri's Northern Ozarks. Listen to them on RISK! Podcast, Lawrence edition and pick up their latest chap, "Gasconade" by NightBallet Press. Powers runs the generative performing arts venue, Uptown Arts Bar, and is a fellow at Osage Arts @novel_cliche

Jeanette Powers
my pronouns are she/them
Executive Director Uptown Arts Bar
Resident Fellow Osage Arts Community
Co-Founder Stubborn Mule Press

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