Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sorrow’s Sailor. by Mela Blust

and if you want
to drown, drown
there are those who will throw you
 a rope -
while laughing or saying
"just be grateful"...
this rope is your noose.
let the sallow drops seep
and croon you to sleep
a love spell only your lungs
will understand
there are those
who will wade in with you
just enough
and extend a hand
that hand
is your anchor
when you are ready
you'll remember how to stand
don't forget the sea
in which your troubles swam
down there in the wreckage
lie a thousand more answers
beauty is born of pain,
never ease

Mela Blust is a writer and artist from the south, who currently resides in rural Pennsylvania. She has always had an affinity for dark things. Her work has appeared in Nixes Mate Review, Califragile and Little Rose Magazine, and is forthcoming in many publications.

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  1. “A love spell only your lungs will understand” Oh, how I love that line.



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