Saturday, August 4, 2018

The fine Art of Being~ by Tracey Sivek

The fine Art of Being~

Termites infested her new age aura
taking the cross around her neck
into their mouths leaving nothing
but dust behind

Sacrifice was given on the basis
of who gives a damn

Being stoned to death in this
day and age is so different from
that one know the one

Burning from the inside out
with seared soul on flesh

Seeking alternate pathways
didn't come with a 30 day
warranty or your money back guarantee

Feral thoughts wander aimlessly
unnoticed by any

The gift was seeing and still not believing
trusting nothing and yet everything
jumping over piles of shit but slipping on tears

Down for the count
and it still doesn't add up
to many fingers and toes to count

Then death again
so what...
Sage that bitch

Tracey is a native of Northern Michigan.  She has been published right here at the Rye Whiskey Review ,The Abyss, Her work can also be read online at Writerscafe and Cosmofunnel.  She is also the Author of "Zero Evidence of Life" found on 

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