Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Shielding~ by . Tracey Sivek


There was a depth that spiraled deep inside her eyes 
that held sorrow like a long lost child. 

A pain recognizable but held skeletons so brittle that 
approach would be to dangerous. 

You could only observe her here in the well of her 
soul, with eyes filled with tears from God. 

When finished she would exit in full form, upright 
and with a smile that could melt a heart of iron. 
Her mask was strong...denying any existence of pain. 

It was better this way. Walking amongst the people, head 
held high, heart open and hands ready to heal. 

When all has been exhausted she'd retreat 
to the space between thought and sky. 

Lying in the arms of angels, weeping in silence, weeping 
where eyes could not see, she let go of all words that burned 
her soul, ripped at her heart and maimed her peace 
Upon exit...she'd give you all you needed 
from a place inside that had no thorns~

Tracey is a native of Northern Michigan.  She has work on Writerscafe and Cosmofunnel.  She is also the Author of "Zero Evidence of Life" found on 
Her publications include .
The Abyss, Under The Bleachers , and here at The Rye Whiskey Review .

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