Monday, December 17, 2018

Astronomers with haiku" by Rob Schackne

                                  don't the moon
                                 look big
                                 comin' after me

Astronomers with haiku
between bouts with


listen for a sound
sharpening a pencil

counting syllables
the clouds fidget

the moon sneezes

the Milky Way forgets
what rockets do

how high up
how far away

nothing will say
the rain has stopped
this very large array
it slips off track
how it works

Born in the US, I came to Australia in the early 70s. I worked on stations, in factories, and in mines. I was lucky that between bouts of this hard work I went to several universities and I could learn what I wanted. I've recently returned from Shanghai where I spent 15 years as a Foreign Expert English language teacher. I now live in country Victoria where I enjoy the blue sky and the fresh air and the birds. I take photographs.


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