Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How To Play Classical Music by Brian Gore

I smashed a Tchaikovsky record to silver-dollar-sized bits,
put them in a terra-cotta vase, and shook it with vigor,
all the while shouting, “I can play Tchaikovsky!”
Everyone stared in fear of my madness, the record store manager
stampeding for my hammer.

BrianSGore is a writer of short stories, poems, and songs. He has published several collections of original works including Barstool Ballads, Eleven Stories for Short … Attentions, and Tangled World, as well as coordinating a collaborative project entitled A Collection of Poems by Various Poets Regarding the Line '10,000 Miles of Farewell’. His newest book, Drawn Thread, is now available, along with his new album Going, Never Stopping, at briangoing.bandcamp.com. 

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