Saturday, February 23, 2019

Trespass My Ass. by Ezhno Martin

    Youngstown Ohio is a dead city
where my dead grandfather was born in 1925
        and lived for four years before his dad died
    and the family moved back to Spain
            where he'd stay
        until he realized at 23 that his citizenship
            was his ticket away from the tyrant in power
        so he took a boat to New York

I was in Youngstown today
    the first member of the family in two generations
        to see the spot he'd called home
    since he himself returned in the late 70's
only to realize they'd razed the place
    along with the the whole neighborhood
along with the whole economy
    along with all the will and means people had to survive there

            All that was clinging to life 40 years ago is gone now
        and in it's place is blocks and blocks of empty lots
                only instead of the condemned buildings
            and piles of rubble my grandfather Gerardo saw
                instead of the crime and poverty
                    that seemed to crush the concept of his childhood
                pieced together as it was from pictures and stories
            is silence as wild grass and flowers blow in the breeze
                    of a May morning

just like him
    the ugly part of his dying days
have faded
    and in it's place is fertile soil for new beginnings

        He was a farmer
            and a bee keeper
        back in Spain
                in America he kept the family fed in the summertime
            by turning the backyard into an urban farm
                    before hipsters coined the concept
                because it made him feel home

        and that's why earlier
            as I stood in front of a field
                that used to have a mailbox that read
            355 Summit Street – The Martin Family
I dug up a patch of grass
    and planted some tomatoes around a
        Private Property – No Trespassing sign
    so the Martin family could live in that soil again
            and climb that sign
        until it fell over
                under the weight of their future

Ezhno Martin doesn't believe in god, pronouns, american exceptionalism, most conventions of capitalization, monogamy, any form of censorship, that 9/11 was real, casseroles, coming to a full stop at stop signs, chivalry, patriotism, hand washing after bathroom visits, rough sex, decorum, the importance of biological families, and/or that The New York Knick's are ever going to get their shit together.  Ezhno lives in Toledo, Ohio.  Ezhno is now from Toledo, Ohio, because that's how that works.  You can't misgender Ezhno, because Ezhno doesn't believe in genders, pronouns, safe spaces or any of that social-justice-warrior-rich-kid-with-a-complex bullshit.   Just say “nice ass” if you're feeling nervous or confused about the fact that the 6'2” Adonis that is Ezhno hates your counter culture just as much as the culture it opposes.

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