Sunday, March 31, 2019

Imagine The Stars by Norman J. Olson

imagine that the stars
are cars
driving on a freeway in Wisconsin
while square fields fly
in shades of green and gray

on either side
the sickle moon is hanging sickly above the black
and ragged horizon

deep wells of space and
time are sucking
stars into
an imaginary vortex, or maybe it is real.
who cares?  we have television
and fantasies that pass for
religion.  if stars were
cows, I suppose that the
milk would be
thin and sweet
like starlight

Born in 1948, Norman J. Olson is a small press poet and artist from Maplewood, Minnesota.  He has published hundreds of poems and artworks in 15 countries and all over the USA.  His web site is:

The World of Norman J. Olson – Drawings and Paintings
Norman J. Olson is a small press poet and artist who lives in Maplewood, Minnesota

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