Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Learning to Dance in the Rain by Alfred Gremsly

It’s raining outside,
but everything in here is okay
Because everyone else is just like me
Trapped in a house staring out a window,
as if it’s the zombie apocalypse
Which makes me happy
to be like everyone else
-if only for a moment
But how I hate the sun
and how it dries up all the rain
        Which brings back my loneliness
                     which brings back my pain
which brings back the fact I’m still the same,
    lonely, isolated, sad, depressed person to afraid
                  to go out into this maze called life and have fun
I close all the blinds
and pretend the world is dead
and I’m the last one alive
I’m alone and sad
But I’m alive and safe
And alone and sad
is better than everyone else,
who died before the rain stopped falling

  Fresh cut flowers wilt in the sun
But, a deeply rooted plant potted inside
thrives on a window seal
So, why would I want to leave the safety
of my box,
just to make others happy?
The times I’ve been forced outside,
I was nearly eaten alive
 by hordes of the walking dead-
       - to rude to hold doors
       - to disrespectful to say thank you
-and by those who would rather spit on you, as to say excuse me
                     No thank you!
 I’ll be the house plant and watch you wilt in the sun
and sing sad songs for the memory of everyone
I’ll be sad and alone,
but safe and alive
        Only me and my children,
        with our deeply planted roots will survive
        Watching you from our window;
        will know, we can only go out in the rain
        when everyone else is inside
        hiding from the water that poisons their body
        They watch us like were the walking dead,
         dancing in puddles
    But we do not see them watching
    Nor do we care
        …..we are the only ones left alive


Alfred Gremsly is an American born poet whose works can be found on social media sights such as twitter and Facebook. He is the author of two short adult/children books and has been featured in numerous anthology's.
This poem in particular comes from his forth coming book; a 140 page collection of poems entitled " SMiLE 'scheduled for release in early spring 2019

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