Friday, June 21, 2019

TO ALL THE LOVERS. by Bryn Fortey

Looking back
From a fast approaching end
I have at least
Some memories

To all the lovers I ever knew
Not widely
And not always wisely
I raise a glass of amber ale
In fond salute

Some I hurt
Some hurt me
All part of the experience
That shaped the way we grew

None are left
For me to meet
To remind of things
They’d maybe best forget
All gone the way of flesh
But while I live
They still exist

To all the lovers in my life
Not dead
Not yet
They live on in my memories
And I raise my glass of amber ale
In gratitude

Bryn Fortey is a veteran writer from Wales in the UK. Widely published
over the years, he has had two collections published by The Alchemy 
Press, both featuring a mix of short stories and poetry. He is grateful that
in old age he is still able to put pen to paper and finger to keyboard.

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