Friday, February 28, 2020

a bar in prescott, arizona. by jck hnry

face down 
drunk again
Prescott, Arizona
don't ask, I don't recall
a little bar, just off the tourist path
across from the square
and a statue
forgotten whatever

snow litters across yellowing grass
two am
nearly time for the kick out

she wanders in, like an old movie
just like
a forgotten memory
a wisp
of something left behind

miles, before

she kicks off the chill
lights a cigarette
bemusement, I'm guessing

i look at her
with my one good eye
acid etched memories

one night,
had turned into a month
crawling over each other
wrapped in collective misery
searching for collective reconciliation

she touches my face
in a familiar way
her hands cold

…she starts
but laughter stops every word

at the kick out
we stagger back
across a wide street
down an alley
to my five and dime rental

bed's too small
but we work through it

i collapse into her soul
and sleep, finally
dream of clear fields and foggy mornings

she whispers my name
again, and again
until I sleep, again

without waking

jck hnry is a neo-modernist, post-apocalyptic writer, living in the hard scrub of a californian desert.  after a 10 year hiatus hnry is back at it.  recent publications include:

includes publication in Horror Sleaze Trash, Bold Monkey, Red Fez, dope fiend daily and a bunch of other noble zines and journals.  Chapbooks/Books: “Snow in Summer and the Playground is Closed,” “Empty Houses-Kendra Steiner Editions,” “the Downtown Cafe (Erbacce Press),” “With the Patience of Monuments (neoPoesis) ,” “Crunked, (Epic Rites)” and “the Righthand Curve of a Continuous Circle. (Blunt Trauma Press).”  hnry is also editor and publisher of "Heroin Love Songs, V2.0, 7thEd" available now. for more go to

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