Monday, May 4, 2020

Pissed on the F3 by Roger Patulny

I see him,

  eyes slanted,

ear buds in,


   down the median strip

                        of the F3,

    with a VB,

                                                                   in Engadine,

     pissed and fifteen;

he bends by the speed camera and

          foams across his wheels then

   unzips, unsteady, and

        sprays the road.

      What a scream;

      I Snapchat

      this swaying

      enviable teen,

 my car.

Roger Patulny teaches at the University of Wollongong, with a research focus on contemporary social interaction and loneliness, emotions, masculinity and urban issues. He lives, writes and publishes creative fiction and poetry in Sydney, Australia. Creatively, he runs the Authora Australis and Silence of the Pens writing groups, and writes contemporary social, historical, and futurist inspired fiction prose and poetry, with publications in Australian Speculative Fiction collection Stories of Hope, The Suburban Review, Cordite, Poets Corner InDaily, the Urchin Press collection Imaginary Worlds, and the sociological fiction zine SOFI. Excerpts and links to Roger’s recent published creative works can be found here.

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