Thursday, August 20, 2020

About the drink on a Sunday night by Anthony Dirk Ray

a sacrament untitled
well the bottle does have a label
so let us just call it a necessary evil

be it a middle shelf offering
lacking character or depth
still respectable and getting the job done

or perhaps it is a monthly splurge
a bottle that gets its accolades
and love from communities online
with a plethora of pictures and reviews

maybe even a bottom shelf throwaway
with a screw top that gets overlooked
that still has some bite to give

or god forbid
the unicorn
the bottle that most strive for
but only a few get to experience
one that cost way too much retail
not to mention the secondary market

a love affair with a liquid
sad to some
forbidden to certain groups
an occasion to others
essential for a few

whatever it is to you
I’ll drink to that

Anthony Dirk Ray resides, works, and writes in the sweltering southern portion of the United States near the Gulf of Mexico.  After years of writing off and on, merely for sanity, he is now sharing some lines. His work can be seen on multiple sites online and in print. Some of which are Mad Swirl, Unlikely Stories, The Beatnik Cowboy, The Rye Whiskey Review, Three Line Poetry, and Horror Sleaze Trash.  His site, Gloomy Forebodings...poems, stories, and mediocre musings, can be found online at

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