Monday, October 5, 2020

21ST CENTURY POEM by Jay Passer

Django played with 2 fingers

escaped the nazis

by riverboat

Made a book

out of cold creeks and chocolate

Reached out across time

before Hollywood

head shots


smog-infused sorbet


dreamless pandemics

Django was a Gypsy

I am a Jew

with arthritis

Make pasta with chocolate

disgusting my neighbors

it’s just as well

My broke guitar

strumming Love Me Do

Django the infinite Beatle

Made a book

out of 

toilet paper

instructions complete

on You Tube

Jay Passer's work has appeared in print and online since 1988. He is the author of several chapbooks and has appeared in a bunch of anthologies. His latest collection, they lied to me when they said everything would be alright, from Pski's Porch, is available at Amazon. Passer lives and works in San Francisco, the city of his birth.

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