Saturday, March 27, 2021

Freddy had a gun by John Munn

Freddy had a gun
Three chambers full
Freddy went to the pink lady bar and got drunk
Back in the hostel sitting on his bed he wondered
where it all went wrong
Feeling under his bed he pulled up a small canvas bag
Releasing the string with his big hands
Jangles the Jack Russell puppy Whimpered 
Making eyes at Freddy  
Eyes that stirred his soul
giving him the will he needed to carry on
The floor walker Jenkins gave Freddy a dog biscuit saying “watch
lime face doesn’t see him he will stir up trouble”
The cops taped off the dormitory the next morning
Writing two elderly males dead in gunfire incident
One Herbert Lime
One Freddy Turner 
and a puppy name tagged Jangles
Two nights later Clint a elderly man with learning difficulties took up the empty bed
pinning a picture of his cat to the plaster wall

Born and bred in the industrial valleys of South eastern Wales.
lived early life in the shadows of the Six bells colliery,
growing up within a close-knit community,  helped shape lifetime views on political issues.
worked for over a decade at the colliery and held office in the trade union lodge at a young age. John belongs to the poetry group wordley worders and has had poems published in 
Our poetry archives  and recently,  Impspired, together with several self-published books.

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