Monday, March 8, 2021

having a vision of Keats in my situation by Merritt Waldon

Yet we both would do the same

Search out the comfort of drink

And words

Hopefully at the full aid of muses

Dancing in circles, or keeping warm

Laps of the night

Yes, to sip and dream awake

The insatiable appetite 

Of such a pair

Wait. What? Where am I?

Miami..? No I was just in Indiana;

Or was that another time

Theres a map somewhere, im sure

In a grecian urn

Hidden away

In the quiet

Merritt Waldon 46 year old who lives in Southern Indiana. has had work in Fearlesss,

the brooklyn rail, be about it Zine, 4th american & others anthology, riverdogs, crisis chronicles website,

cheap and easy zine, / an a book of poetry with Ron Whitehead published by Cajun Mutt Press -Oracles

from a strange fire.

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