Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Red Envelope by Christiana Sasa

She folded all his clothes
with the tenderest care
she could accumulate

every crease on every shirt
now filled up with the
essence of her breath

the phone rings,
he is on his own.

At the doorstep, 
she doesn't welcome him inside;
only hands over the bag to him,
full of his stuff,

and a red envelope 
carrying a little ring inside.
the pearl has been scooped out
of the oyster

Christiana Sasa has been writing poetry for three years. Her work has been published in a few literary magazines (Poetry Life and Times, Literary Heist, Eskimo Pie etc.), and recently in two E-zines called Dark Poetry Society and RavenCage.
Besides poetry, she's interested in painting, music, short films, and comedy.


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