Thursday, February 24, 2022


I sit around on this Sunday morning sober
Not hungover and dreaming, sitting here
Picturing it very clearly, of the next time,
Tomorrow, when I’ll be able to get in and
Get drunk, down crazy and drunk as hell.

Five beers in my fridge mean I can start
Out early before an afternoon spent in the
Wonderfully warm confines of my favourite
Pub, the one down the road where maybe
Some tequila or bourbon maybe had.

Then I’ll move on, smoking all the way,
Until eventually my night will come to
Some kind of drunken conclusion but
Hopefully not bad enough for me to fall
Flat on my face. 

So on this bright Sunday morning I sit
Dreaming of that moment when I can
Get back to this crazy life that has been
With me now so long I can barely
Remember what it was like before.

Bradford Middleton was born in south-east London during the summer of 1971 and won his first poetry prize at the age of nine.  He then gave up writing poems for nearly twenty-five years and it wasn't until he landed in Brighton, knowing no one and having no money, that he began again.  Ten years later and he's been lucky enough to have had a few chapbooks published including a new one from Analog Submission Press entitled 'Flying through this Life like a Bottle Battling Gravity', his debut from Crisis Chronicles Press (Ohio, USA) and his second effort for Holy & Intoxicated Press (Hastings, UK).  He has read around the UK at various bars, venues and festivals and is always keen to get out and read to new crowds.  His poetry has also been or will be published shortly in the Chiron Review, Zygote in my Coffee, Section 8, Razur Cuts, Paper & Ink, Grandma Moses 'Poet to Notice', Empty Mirror, Midnight Lane Gallery, Bareback Lit and is a Contributing Poet over at the wonderful Mad Swirl. If you like what you've read go send a friend request on facebook to bradfordmiddleton1

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