Monday, February 21, 2022


Lost members of a forgotten tribe 
Backstreet Battle Kids live on round edges
Avoid lions at feeding time

Soul sisters who dance for dollars and Delta Blues
splash in stale beer on fringe midnight madness 

Rancorous song sang loose and loud  
homeless heretics pose as sacred saints 

Quarters dropped into stone Wurlitzers
rogue relics and fairy tale yarns
Wait for Magi fear almighty Ra
unholy tales from unholy scribes

Scatter and dodge uncovered mirrors
Backstreet Battle Kids circumvent the sun

Avoid lions at feeding time

William Teets is a writer born in Peekskill, New York, who has recently relocated to Waterford, Michigan. He immensely misses New York pizza, the Hudson River, and watching his beloved Mets play at Citi Field.  

Mr. Teets’ works have been accepted in ChronogramDrunk MonkeysAriel Chart, Down in the DirtThe Deadly Writers PatrolImpspired, Cajun Mutt Press, Literary Yard, Abandoned Mine, Art and Life, as well as in numerous anthologies.

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