Sunday, March 27, 2022

No Love Tonight by Gail Constable

Blue dress trimmed with
Sequins, showing skin
In all the right places, 
Louboutins with 
Platform heels, seen
In every bar, got appeal,
Seems to play a game
Yet she never says her
Name, drains her gin
Then hits the dance
Floor, body movin' 
To red hot paces, she's
Always got attention
From all the guys faces,
One more drink and
She leaves alone,
Headin' to her bed,
At home, tears on
Her pillow for the love
She wants, not a one
Night stand, dreamin' 
Of a forever man but
Not to worry, maybe
Magic will greet her
When she arrives at
The door of the next

Gail Constable is a published poet, mother, grandmother and great friend. Her second passion is vocals and you find her weekly singing at her local bar. Gail currently resides on beautiful Cape Breton Island, Canada.

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