Friday, March 25, 2022

No One Told Me by Brooks C. Mendell

After flushing, washing my hands and checking my hair in the mirror, I opened the door and stepped into the hallway. Two girls, sipping from red plastic cups and waiting for their turns, looked at me and giggled. A boy, flirting and joking with the girls, smirked under his baseball cap. 

“Is something funny?” I signed to Sammy, sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. He stood up.

“You make a lot of noises in the bathroom,” answered Sammy. “You fart. You piss into the water. You say things. You’re loud.”

“How would I know that?”

“You wouldn’t,” signed Sammy. “Unless someone explained it to you.” 

“This is stupid,” I replied. “We all shit the same.”

“Calm down,” signed Sammy. “They don’t know you. They think they’re the cool kids.”

“Why would they laugh at someone they don’t know?” 

Behind Sammy, I saw the smirking boy mouth gaping words like a seal and wave his hands through the air in gibberish, mocking an entire group of people he knew nothing about, the ignorant motherfucker. The girls laughed into their cups.

I stepped past Sammy and punched the boy in the face.

Sammy grabbed my shoulder and yelled, “What are you doing?” 

I read Sammy’s lips and signed, “that asshole insulted my mother.”

“He doesn’t know sign language,” said Sammy.

“How would I know that?”


Brooks C. Mendell writes and works in forestry near Athens, Georgia. His stories have appeared in venues such as Storgy, Spank the Carp, DSF and The RavensPerch.

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