Thursday, March 31, 2022

Whiskey Wisdom By Roger Turner


A man is always looking
To get some free advice
So go and find the fellow
Drinking whiskey over ice

Your friends will tell you one thing
While you're both knocking back a beer
But really, I mean really
Is this the stuff you need to hear

Find a whiskey drinker
He'll tell you how to buy a car
He'll share his whiskey wisdom
About what's a good cigar

A man who drinks good whiskey
Whether neat or over ice
Is the best one you can turn to
When you're looking for advice

He's made it and he knows it
He's not drinking at the pub
He's sitting in a wing back
Drinking whiskey at the club

So, if you're looking for assistance
And you need some good advice
Go get some whiskey wisdom
Sharing whiskey over ice

Happily married writer in hiding. I enjoy good bourbon and cigars and try to see the good side of life from the dark side of the bar. I love twisting my endings so it isn't what you're ready for. Small gatherings in old school settings are my favorite place for inspiration. Life is your flaws and put pc to rest. I live for today, remember yesterday and never plan for the may never come.

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