Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Dirt Nod by Chad Parenteau

Could be solace
dying alone,
exit out back.

Follow Adam
back in earth,
one true womb.

Exes no longer
jab your cage
where they lived,

no child sprouted
that others pot
in old bullshit.

Throw to field,
maybe something
takes trite root.

This is your 
soul and seed,
timid teen,

room corner,
house party,

The fun
will start
after you leave.

Chad Parenteau hosts Boston's long-running Stone Soup Poetry series. His latest collection is  The Collapsed Bookshelf. His poetry has appeared in journals such as RĂ©sonancee, Molecule, Ibbetson Street, Pocket Lint, The New Verse News, Cape Cod Poetry Review, Tell-Tale Inklings, Off The Coast, The Skinny Poetry Journal, Nixes Mate Review and the anthology Reimagine America from Vagabond Books. He serves as Associate Editor of the online journal Oddball Magazine.

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