Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pre-Condom by Randall Rogers

Back then
we drove
with large bongs
and trays of weed
we were cleaning
in the car
a long drive
without a case
of beer wasn’t
worth the ride
peeing in the ashtray
not an option
spun – out we kept
the weed on the tray
and the beer unspilled
it was Paradise
in the
drug-fueled 1970s.

He is Randall Rogers, visionary poet of the prairie.  A cowboy, yea, a beatnik; a Beatnik Cowboy.  He is an old young, sorry.  Here he exhibits new work.  More flashes in the pan.  I hope the world, nay, you editor, approveth of seeth/something here. (Currently reading "Pilgrim's Progress")  Adios!  I kind of reworked these to work in booze but they are total virgins (never put out).

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