Wednesday, June 20, 2018

As a Child. by Adam Levon Brown

As a child,
I feared dying from
a monster attack
Little did I know,
that true death
begins from the inside out
One cut after another
erupting from a collapsing

One unrequited
I love you
to the next

One unseen
to the next

One stood
up date
to the next

One lost
to the next

Adam Levon Brown is an internationally published author, poet, amateur photographer. He is Founder, Owner, and editor in chief of Madness Muse Press. He has had poetry published hundreds of times in several languages, along with 2 full collections and 3 chapbooks. He also participates as an assistant editor at Caravel Literary Arts Journal. He has been published with publications such as Harbinger Asylum, Burningword Literary Journal, and Five 2 One Magazine.

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