Sunday, August 5, 2018

Black Wings. by Eliana Gradishar

in the mornings
he tended to my wings
sometimes pinning them sideways

only then did the ecstasy
fly out of them

by evening
we hid in the hollows of tree trunks
reservoirs for the vast disparities between us

half-felt effort flutters
reverberating shudders
reminders that the forest itself does falter

echoes of nothingness
flaws and darwin
at best, love,
a one-winged conquest

    Eliana Gradishar is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana at a young age.  Ms. Gradishar’s poems have been selected for display via a community project called St Tammany Poetry on the Streets, and she recently participated in the Jane Austen Festival (2017 and 2018) as part of a panel of other selected poets.  Ms. Gradishar attends several writing groups, including Poets Alive, Bayou Writers and Inklings in Mandeville, Louisiana.

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