Thursday, September 13, 2018

Reunion. by Victor Clevenger

monday evening
reggie’s daughters came to visit

it had been six years
since he had last seen them

when they arrived he greeted them
they didn’t speak

he flicked his tongue out & in quickly
to try & break the silence

they never cracked a smile
or made eye contact

he looked back at me for advice
his eyes open glassy

i don’t know
that i’d ever seen that side of him

like blood
after a bullet enters

small pieces of his toughness
dripped down his forehead

When not traveling highways across America, Victor Clevenger spends his days in a Madhouse and his nights writing poetry.  Selected pieces of his work have appeared in print magazines and journals around the world, as well as at a variety of places online.  In 2017, Victor was nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology, as well as a Pushcart Prize.  His most recent published collections of poetry include a split book with Tom Farris titled Ginger Roots Are Best Taken Orally (EMP, 2018) and A Finger in the Hornets’ Nest (Red Flag Press, 2018).

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