Monday, July 22, 2019

a version of a moment of clarity by Anggo Genorga

this version of you
right here, right now:

restless, helpless, goddamn juiced,
gettin' down onna same old blues number,

is a version of you
back then out there ---

w/o your own hate poking at your guts
unlike now, messin’ w/a day old headache.

Anggo is  from the Philippines and working as a manager of a band called Wonder Woman's Electric Bra. Their recent and old writings can be found at The Dope Fiend Daily, Horror Sleaze Trash, Jerry Jazz Musician,, Outlaw Poetry, Midnight Lane Boutique, Mad Swirl, Ppigpenn and Empty Mirror. Also on print published by Tangerine Press, Paper And Ink Zine, Red Flag Poetry Postcard Series, Guide To Kulchur Creative Journal Issue No. 3, Silver Birch Press' Bukowski Anthology, Critical Mass Issue of Maganda Magazine, OMG Cupid by Get Jazzy, Talk Dirty and the book for benefit Verses Typhoon Yolanda released by Meritage Press.

I'm also on Instagram: trainwreck_x

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