Thursday, February 27, 2020

Absinthe Tincture by Chuka Susan Chesney

A cabinet where we mull two hours before light
absinthe remedy
We seesaw between capsules

form a reservoir beside fresh-squeezed juice

Above the wormwood chamber
where disease is sugar cubed
across the petaled corridor 
of hemp-stretched beds

his clothes thrown down below

We nosegay pertussis
our brother nightcaps through
We hear the cinder cone
malady his bronchioles

Our father fetches him

The steam of licorice
hits his tongue with chartreuse
soot-ashed lungs
distress the heart-gilded door

Put him in a salt bath of sanguine orange

Transparent wisps of being
we tobacco leaf green
his soul Angel Flights

to l’heure verte

His candle-warmed spirit filigrees into flame

Spoon-lit angelica
botanicals his throat

Our brother doesn’t spill

Flash forward to verdure
We've shooed away the ghost

Chuka Susan Chesney is an artist and a poet. Her poems, art, and/or flash fiction have been published in Peacock Journal, Inklette, New England Review, Compose, Picaroon, and Lummox. Chesney’s paintings and collages have been in exhibitions and galleries across the United States.

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