Monday, June 22, 2020

1978: The Big Apple Tour. By Mickey J.Corrigan

There's no other way to say it
New York seduced me
with brown bag eyes, the island
lilt, the 42nd street gait, manly
strut and bold
invitation to tourists
let me be your guide.
There's no other way to say it
I allowed the seduction
took the slow Mustang crawl
down gushing streets
hawkers and pickpockets
speedwalkers in suits
grifters, barkers, bankers
men in black with grim smiles.
There's no other way to say this
it was a casual affair
a ride on the ferry
floating statues and claims
of purity and open arms
to the influx, the different
abled, accents and cooking smells
crying babies in churches
with incantations and incense
rules different than at home.
There's no other way to say this
it was a sunk cash fallacy
once I was in his arms
I was in his bed
yellowing sheets damp with sweat
the smell of cheap whiskey
cheaper perfume.
There's just no other way
but to leave in the darkness
clothes in one fist
shoes in the other
glitter spunk on skin
forgetfulness on the tongue.
So here's what I'm saying now:
New York and I
we had a ride.

Originally from Boston, Mickey J.Corrigan writes Florida noir with a dark humor. Project XX, a satirical novel about a school shooting, was released in 2017 by Salt Publishing in the UK. Newest release is What I Did for Love, a spoof of Lolita (Bloodhound Books, 2019). Kelsay Books recently published the poetry chapbook the disappearing self. Visit at 

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  1. As a former New Yorker your poetry brought salty teams to my eyes. Pity I'm a captive of Jersey now.


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