Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Ode to Chavez Ravine During Covid 19 by Chuka Susan Chesney

The haze is rhubarb gray
in my cocktail of L.A.
A short jaunt from the curve of Stadium Way
It’s the time when the Dodgers 
ask for my cardboard face
cut-out to witness
the ghost town team
At night the air is heavy
like a bubble of marine
The layer floats and traps
itself inside the ravine
But this Sunday afternoon
ideal conditions for the sip
warm weather
usually hot and dry
Today is humid with a modicum of breeze
Kiké I say as he steps up to the plate
He hits a 3 run homer
a 3 run shot
5-2 Dodgers
Artificial applause

Chuka Susan Chesney is an artist and a poet. Her poems, art, and/or flash fiction have been published in Peacock Journal, Inklette, New England Review, Compose, Picaroon, and Lummox. Chesney’s paintings and collages have been in exhibitions and galleries across the United States.

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