Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Glitch? by Ian Lewis Copestick

Some of the so-called
paranormal  programmes
that I sometimes watch,
try to suggest that we
are all living in some kind
of simulation, and offer
evidence of glitches in
the machine to back up
their claims.
Now, to me it just seems
obvious that these people
have watched " The Matrix "
too many times, and have
mistaken it for some sort
of documentary.
Either that, or they have
taken WAY too many drugs.
But, apparently several
big time physicists also
believe it's true.
Well I don't know a single
thing about quantum
physics, or string theory.
To be completely honest
I watched a TV programme
about it, and it went way,
way over my head.
But what really convinces
me that I'm not living
in a computer generated
simulation is that it's
so bloody BORING !!!
Surely if some future
World Government wants
me to live in a simulation
for some nefarious reason
I don't quite understand,
then they would have made
it a lot more entertaining.
I could be battling robots,
or exploring new worlds,
having sex with gorgeous
Nobody would write a
computer program that's
this fucking dull.
Or, maybe I'm wrong,
perhaps that's the evil
twist, only a civil servant
could come up with
something so shit.

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 48 year old writer (I prefer that term to poet ) from Stoke on Trent, England. I spend most of my life sitting,  thinking then sometimes writing. I have been published in Anti Heroin Chic, the Dope Fiend Daily, Outlaw Poetry, Synchronized Chaos, the Rye Whiskey Review, Medusa's Kitchen and Horror Sleaze Trash.

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