Sunday, December 13, 2020

Doing My Duty as an American Citizen by Mickey J. Corrigan

Drunk, as usual
I went to the anti-gun rallies
with my mask on
I moved with the crowd
down empty streets
yelling no more guns
I went to the pro-gun rallies
with my mask off
I pushed my way through
the chanting masses 
Give me liberty
and spare me the virus.

I went to the anti-immigration rallies
the pro-DACA rallies
the fake election rallies
the four more years rallies
the food bank rallies
the anti-vaxer rallies
the liberate Michigan rallies
the Black Lives Matter rallies
the angry moms rallies
the divorced dads rallies
the Happy Hour rallies
outside every closed bar
the fill in the blank rallies
the rallies for people
who look like us
the rallies where everyone
looked to me
like a gun in a hand
cocked and loaded
waiting for the other guy
to make a wrong move. 

Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan writes Florida noir with a dark humor. Novels include Project XX about a school shooting (Salt Publishing, UK, 2017) and What I Did for Love, a spoof of Lolita (Bloodhound Books, 2019). Kelsay Books recently published the poetry chapbook the disappearing self. And Grandma Moses Press published the poetry micro-chapbook Florida Man. 

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