Monday, May 17, 2021

Another Night by Dennis Moriarty

He has drank six beers, smoked a joint
Outside in the rain,
Come back in and sank four Jack Daniels
Than any line he has ever walked.
Stumbles home
Through side streets and sirens his eyes wide open
To welcome the moon,
A few stray stars following him back
To the house.
Inside he looks out of the window and sees
Tom Waits down there by the train,
Looks up to see Leonard Cohen sat like a bird
On a wire.
Turns back to the room where Elvis is all shook up,
Cash is pill popped and frazzled
His words strung out in one continuous
Twitching stutter.
Marilyn Monroe, blond and soft and seductive,
Is sprawled on the bed
Where he lies alone, his eyes melting inside out from
The ruptured core of the moon,
A few stray stars sliding like hot tears down
His cheeks
Onto his chest where they pool like the molten
contents of his exploding mind.

Dennis Moriarty was born in London, England and now lives in Wales. Married with five grown up offspring Dennis likes walking the dog in the mountains, reading and writing.
In 2017 he won the Blackwater poetry competition and went to county Cork in Ireland to read his work at the international poetry festival. Dennis has had poems featured in many publications including Blue nib, Our poetry archive, Setu bilingual, The passage between and others.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Dennis, what can I say@ Far out man!
    You take me back to moments of my misspent youth!
    Great write!


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