Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Heaven Must Be a Freeway by Christian Garduno

There’s no better music than your sophomore year 
when you met her
I’m telling you, there’s not-
That’s the best music ever made, 
when you took off your dad’s Stones 
and Beatle records and finally put on something YOU like- 
that you saved for and you walked down to 
Middle Earth Records for- an import at that- 
a band with a funny name, a weird haircut, 
and a strange-looking record cover that sounds 
absolutely delicious

Walking towards nowhere and we never get there either
Heaven must be a freeway and I’m walking across the overpass

Christian Garduno is the recipient of the 2019 national Willie Morris Award for Southern Poetry. Garduno is a Finalist in the 2020-2021 Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Writing Contest. He lives and writes along the South Texas coast with his wonderful wife Nahemie and young son Dylan.  

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