Thursday, July 15, 2021

Missing The Boat by Matt Amott

I filled out a postcard
addressed to my woman 
and gave it to a friend
who was going to France. 
I had him mail it 
back to her
from the Eiffel Tower,
and she was convinced 
that I traveled abroad
and sent it to her myself.
Years later she left,
never knowing the truth 
about the postcard.

These days
I can catch a boat 
to Europe.
Wander it's cities,
eat it's food
and drink it's wine.
I can live fully 
and love madly,

and she won't know 
about that either.

Matt Amott is a poet, musician and photographer who rambles around the Pacific Northwest. He is co-founder and co-editor of Six Ft. Swells Press and has been published in numerous collections as well as three books of his own, THE COAST IS CLEAR (Six Ft. Swells Press), GET WELL SOON and THE MEMORY OF HER (both by Epic Rites Press).  He can be reached at and purchases can be made at Amazon and

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