Monday, September 26, 2022

Ghost Rider By Kevin M. Hibshman

See me spin in a cloud of dust.

I'm gone.

I'll be back if and when you've got something to steal.

I got to keep my seat warm.

I live for free.

No chains round my heart.

No guilt hanging round my head.

I'm gone.

Back to some portal where dimensions shift almost indiscriminately.

I gun it.

I'm gone like a daisy in the midst of a mine field.

All you see is a wisp of smoke.

I'm gone.

Pale honey sunset.

I must taste it with all that grit clinging to my teeth.

I've been waiting all my life to collect big time on

the wages of sin.

Part man, part myth.

Don't miss me.

I could never belong in your world.

I'm gone.

Kevin M. Hibshman has had poems published in many journals and magazines world wide.
 In addition, he has edited his poetry zine, Fearless, since 1990 and is the author of sixteen chapbooks including Love Sex Death Dreams (Green Bean Press, 2000) and Incessant Shining (Alternating Current, 2011).

His current book Just Another Small Town Story from Whiskey City Press is currently available on Amazon. 

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