Monday, September 3, 2018

No Love Lost. by Jenny S.

when i was sixteen
i collected cans of beer
by stealing one a day
from my dad’s stash

once i had a twelve-pack
i would start drinking

one night i drank
all twelve beers
and ended up at
a party with you

the last thing i remember
is puking on the sidewalk
while grabbing on to my
best friend’s leg

right before that, i recall
your dick in my face,
more than once or twice,
your hand pushing
my head into yours,
and me feeling a
sharp pain in my neck
from resisting

you broke up with me
a week before that
said you didn’t think
you deserved someone
like me

so instead
you made me weep
like a little girl
whose daddy
never loved her

is that why you hung
yourself twenty-six
years later, after cheating
on your wife with her
best friend, leaving
behind three kids,
a dog, and two cats,

because you didn’t
think you deserved

Jenny S. is a poet from Chicago. She currently resides under a rock and only comes out when she can smell the coffee brewing. Her work has been sparsely published in various e-zines and print journals. She also reads and records other poets' work, which she shares on her YouTube channel, Jenny S. Poetry Readings.

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