Saturday, January 16, 2021

Two Fifths by Bruce Morton

Reminded of the worn cliché
That those who can are the doers
And those who cannot are teachers,

I fixate on those two bottles,
Of Dewars and Teachers whiskey,
Next to each other on the shelf

Waiting to be poured. I wonder
Which one will be neat, with water,
Or on ice. We are not talking

The top shelf here. Not single malts
But blended, with a burn and buzz,
But no savor, just done and taut.

Bruce Morton splits his time between Montana and Arizona. His poems have most recently appeared or are forthcoming in Muddy River Poetry Review, Main Street Rag, Halfway Down the Stairs, Ibbetson Street Review, and San Pedro River Review. He was formerly Dean of Libraries at Montana State University.

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