Saturday, August 27, 2022

Julie by John Harold Olson

I was on the back
of Julie’s Norton
that she bought from
her brother
Arms around her waist
headlight on the road
I remember how good she smelled
Like camomile growing wild.
We stop at the GTO Lounge
Along the two lane,
Pabst sign,
hunter’s moon

“No motorcycles!”
“Excuse me, what?”
Julie had this courteous thing
when she was angry.

I said, “Let’s beat it”
Out on the lot, 
Deciding what to do
(Rode down to where her 
Horse was and slept on the
grass, slept on a horse blanket)

A guy came out
With two cold beers.
“Here, just leave the empties over there.”
Cold beer in the night.
Julie says, “You warm enough
Back there, Baby?”

Retired Las Vegas teacher now a hospice volunteer.

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